Moonlight Relay for Hope

Moonlight Relay for Hope

Join Us On Our Relay for Hope! As part of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness event, Gorham Outdoors is looking for Gorham residents to join our fundraising team!

During the week of Feb 21 – Feb 27, we will be offering a daily challenges for each team to complete along with other fun and free virtual events to keep you active as you help meet our goal of raising $5000 for AFSP!

Below is the full schedule of events and links to the daily “quest” videos. Along with encouraging fundraising among your family, friends and colleagues, we’re asking that each team also upload short videos on the topic of each quest based on the topics below. (Of course, if it’s easier, you can record and upload your individual team quest videos all at once!)

To Sign-up:
Just send us an email at and we’ll get you set up!

To Donate:
Please visit our AFSP Team Page. Once there, you can either join our team and get donations via your dedicated fundraiser link or just simply choose someone on the existing “Roster” and make a donation to them.

You can also print out our donation guide with a special QR code that goes directly to our AFSP donation page.

Schedule of Events

Virtual Opening Message
Sunday, February 21, 8pm

Daily Video Quests

These can be done daily or all at once, depending upon your team’s schedule. Please upload one team video for each topic to our dedicated Tribute page.

Sunday’s Quest: Value of Self
Create a positive team video stating your strengths.
For inspiration, watch this!

Monday’s Quest: Value Physical Wellness
Create a video showing your team engaged in a variety of healthy physical exercises.
For inspiration, watch this! 

Tuesday’s Quest: Nutritional Wellness
Create a team video featuring a healthy meal, snack or habit.
For inspiration, watch this! 

Wednesday’s Quest: Gratitude
Create a team video expressing thanks and gratitude to friends and neighbors.
For inspiration, watch this!

Thursday’s Quest: Help the Cause
Create a team video encouraging folks to donate to AFSP.
For inspiration, watch this! 

Friday’s Quest: Pay it Forward
Create a video showing an easy way to brighten someone’s day.
For inspiration, watch this! 

Closing Ceremony
Saturday, February 27, 8 pm
Narragansett Elementary School, Gorham

Team representatives, AFSP and Gorham Outdoors will meet behind Narragansett Elementary School for a short meeting and a candle light walk (flashlights / headlamps ok for this).

Additional Virtual Events

We are also offering additional free virtual events throughout the week to encourage healthy habits. You can do these with your teammates, with your family or on your own. Enjoy!

Healthy Cooking: Colorfully Chaotic Pizza

Check out the recipe and then see how it’s done below.

Virtual Yoga

Take this 30 minute yoga class daily to loosen up body and soul.

Mindfulness Class

Find peace and focus in the moment through mindfulness.

Spin Class

Hop on your trainer, spin bike or exercise bike and join Coach Jim for a fun workout!

Please contact with any questions and keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates: